Divine Madness*PL
About Us

 Divine Madness*PL is a small  Siamese and Oriental cattery  registered in Felis Hungarica (Fife). We are the co-founders of the first IV category breed club in Poland, BOSS Cat Club. Our aim is to breed healthy, beautiful and perfectly socialized Siamese and Orientals with wonderful purrsonality.

   Together with our cats and a dog we live in an old picturesque city Poznań, in the western part of Poland.

   Slender, graceful and  chatty  Siamese and Orientals have charmed  us  from  the first  sight and  we  can no longer   imagine our life without  these  beautiful, fairy tale- like creatures. These intelligent, sociable & brisk  cats are unique in every way. They demand plenty of love and  attention, but they also  give a lot more in exchange. Living with  them is both a great challenge and enormous pleasure!

   There are nine cats living with us at present; all of them, including our males, are above all treated as full family members, because we believe that such fair creatures deserve much better than being just a ‘breeding material’. Our cats participate in our everyday life, have free access to all rooms in the house and they sleep wherever they want to, which mostly means in our bed ;). We cannot imagine keeping our cats in cages or in separate, permanently closed rooms, separate buildings or a wooden shed in the garden, because we consider this cruelty to these magnificent sensitive cats. They ought to be loved and pampered, not to be used only as birthing/mating machines. Also, unlike most  breeders, we do not feel the urge to buy 5-6 new cats a year, or even worse, to replace the whole breeding stock like an old worn pair of shoes once in a while. We do not get rid of our neuters just to make room for new breeding cats. Only in extreme cases when the freshly neutered cats can not find their place again in the group, and all behavioral methods fail, we are looking for new loving homes for them. But first of all we are always doing our best so that all our cats could stay with us until the end of their days. In our cattery the comfort and happiness of our 4-legged friends is always a priority.
For this very reason we no longer participate in cat shows. There was a time when we used to go to shows quite frequently and every single time our cats returned with BIS and BOB winnings. However it never gave us any special satisfaction, so after some time we came to a conclusion that all the cups and various fanciful titles are certainly not worth risking both mental and physical health of our cats. Let’s face it, cats do not derive any pleasure from cat shows, for them it is only a source of severe stress and potential danger in form of many diseases that are easily spread in stuffy, crowded exhibition halls. And most importantly, show titles do not add beauty to any cat and certainly they do not make any male or female more valuable in breeding.

You are always welcome to visit our cattery and meet our beautiful elves.

That’s me and our first females, Milva & Didi,
who are now living in a wonderful home in Germany with Carolin.