Divine Madness*PL
We are looking for a good responsible
and loving home for these three beauties:

NL*Yarisho Gilbert OSH b 24

PL*Divine Madness Francesca Findabair  SIA c(m) 21

Cheeky Monkeys Limited Edition   OSH n 03 22

Cats are only available together!
more information on email ;)

Kitten Status

 Available - kitten is for sale and inquiries about the kitten are welcome.
 Option - someone is interested in the kitten but 
this reservation is not binding and can still change; feel free to contact us about the kitten.
  Reserved - the contract has been signed and the deposit has been paid (40% of kitten’s value). Kittens of show- or breeding quality will be reserved at the age of at least 12 weeks, not earlier.
Not for sale - we have not decided yet whether the kitten is for sale. We consider keeping the kitten in our cattery therefore we will watch its further development for some time. Please, accept that we breed first and foremost for ourselves and that we reserve the right to keep our kittens under observation for as long as we like.

The deposit for the kitten will not be returned if the buyer resigns from purchasing the kitten or does not collect the kitten at the appointed date.

If you are intererested in a kitten from our cattery, please contact us by e-mail or telephone. However, we inform that we do not respond to anonymous or laconic e-mails  that contain only a question about the price of a kitten. We expect that the potential new owner will write us a few words about themselves and their former experience with cats. Please also read carefully the information below :)

 Kittens from our cattery  are ready to move to new homes
at the age of at least 4 months.

  They are by then twice vaccinated, dewormed several times, vaccinated against rabies if going abroad, microchipped and examined by the vet.

 All kittens come from fully tested healthy parents (bacteria, viruses, parasites).

 Kittens will be sold with a detailed contract of sale.

 Kittens will have a FIFE pedigree, health book/passport, veterinary health certificate and a Starter Kit containing food,  favourite toys, blanket and a cat bed with smell of the ,,old,, home.

 We are very selective whom we entrust our kittens to.

 Our babies are available only to catloving, permanent  and responsible homes as ,,pets,, or ,,show neuters,,.

 Kittens for breeding are only exceptionally available to our close friends with whom we cooperate.

 Kittens sold as pets will be neutered/spayed  before leaving our cattery and this condition is non-negotiable. Early spaying does not adversely affect the health and development of the kitten.

  Since SIA & OSH cats are very sociable and need company, homes with other cats will be preferred (alternatively you can buy two kittens from the same litter). Lonely Siamese and Orientals are unhappy!

  We do not ship our kittens. So, if you want a kitten from us, be prepared to pick up the kitten from us personally, or  to have me as your guest for a couple of days while bringing the baby to you.

 Kittens only as indoor cats! We consider that letting cats go outside without control is thoughtless and irresponsible.

  We’d  like to stay in touch with the new owners of our kittens. We are always at your disposal with advice, help and support. We will also gladly put  photos of our kittens and reports from their lives in new homes on our website.