Divine Madness*PL

We are looking ofor a caring, loving home for these three beautiful cats:
-  male OSH b 24, Louis
- female OSH n 03 22, Yoshi
- female SIA c(m) 21, Franka
They are emotionally attached to one another and under no circumstances could they be separated!

-  Daddy Geralt proudly presents his new children, litter “Z”!!!
Our ebony beauty Figa became a mother of 8 stunning, healthy and strong kittens!
There are two oriental babies still available in the litter.
More information about them under “KITTENS”

- With great joy we present our new litter “Y” :)
The parents are Meera and Ivko Pifko.
We have beautiful, healthy and strong babies, three of them are still available for reservation.
More information about them under “KITTENS”

Today we had to face another very painful goodbye.
After a long illness, we had to part with our beloved Kenji. Kenji suffered from a very rare genetic disease - lipoid pneumonia, which very sadly is incurable. We managed to win so little time together .......
Farewell, our most wonderful reddie ......
You left an enormous void in our hearts ......

This incredible blue beauty has just arrived to us from Austria.
Her pedigree name is Cheeky Monkeys Meera Malik
and indeed Meera is a cheeky monkey, a ubiquitos chatterbox who has the energy of a pretty big atomic bomb.
We wholeheartedly thank  Gosia Altrock for this absolutely stunning little sparkle!!!

After a very long break our website has finally been updated, but the update isn’t complete yet. Soon we will publish more news and many, many new photos :) 

Today we had to face yet another heartbreaking loss.
After nearly 14 years spent together, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Bromba.
Farewell, our brave Dragon Lady......
We miss You terribly......

Today, to our immense despair, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Khali-Misia...
You fought so bravely with the disease, sweet gentle girl...
Rest in peace, my baby, you will stay in our hearts forever......

We are pleased to introduce our new breathtakingly beautiful tortie girl, Deja vu Nicoco*LT aka VooDoo. A million thanks to her breeder, Jolanta Lapeike, who once again gifted us with the most stunning creature :)

BABY GALLERY of our boy Ramandu has been updated :)

- We officially present our new litter “R”:)
PL*Divine Madness Ramandu is our stunning single baby, son of our Emi and Tyfoon.
For more information about him click HERE

    Our beautiful siamese boy PL*Divine Madness Tyrion Lannister, who lives in a wonderful pet home in Norway gained his Junior Winner title today!  Our huge congratulations go to his owner Hedvig Langballe Hasund! We are enormously proud of Tyrion!

 !!! WARNING !!!


We proudly present our two new classic tabby wonders:
a girl - Cheeky Monkeys Limited Edition OSH n 03 22
and a boy - Jack Frost Phraya*CZ OSH a 22
We would like to thank their breeders and our dear friends, Gosia Altrock and Lucie Nenckova for these two little marvellous babies!

 !!! WARNING !!!

Unfortunately, just as we thought, our beloved
Gimbya Divine Madness*PL, JW is dead!!!
In October 2011 Gimbi moved to Norway to cattery Batstar to Hanne Kjřlsen Wćrenskjold but she did not remain there long. Contrary to our agreement with the owner that Gimbi should have only lived in Batstar cattery and never moved anywhere without our knowledge and consent, poor female was rehomed several times and travelled back and forth between cattery Batstar and some people we didn’t know at all, who were supposedly friends of Mrs Wćrenskjold.
We repeatedly declared our willingness to take Gimbi back, each time encountering a categorical refusal. Many months ago Gimbi disappeared for good from Batstar website without a single word of explanation, and  Hanne Kjřlsen Wćrenskjold didn’t want to give us any detailed information about her, except for an enigmatic statement that spayed Gimbi moved to a pet home and she would stay there forever. However, despite our numerous requests Mrs Wćrenskjold didn’t want to give us the new owner’s name and address, nor provide any pictures of Gimbi in this alleged new home. We knew in an instant that something was wrong, otherwise giving us the name and address of the new owner would not be such a big problem to Mrs Wćrenskjold, who allegedly had nothing to hide.  We knew already that this could have meant only one thing - that our poor girl  was no longer alive.
After several months of silence on Mrs Wćrenskjold’s part, we have finally managed to extract the confirmation of our suspicions out of her. She admitted that Gimbi was dead and as a cause of her death she gave us a totally untrue, ridiculous story how Gimbi had escaped from her new home and had been hit by a car.
We know with absolute certainty that this is a lie, that Gimbi never made it to any good forever home, so she couldn’t have escaped from it.
We have a confirmed information however that our beloved Gimbi had been simply put to sleep many months earlier on Mrs Wćrenskjold’s request without any medical reason.
This wouldn’t have been the first time when Mrs Wćrenskjold got rid of a useless cat in this manner. We know there were other cats that had disappeared into thin air, just like our Gimbi did, when they were no longer needed.
 Repeatedly we asked for the return of Gimbi, we were ready to come and pick her up at any moment.
However, instead of giving Gimbi back to us, Mrs Wćrenskjold preferred to keep her and make a hell on earth of her short life.
Poor Gimbi is dead and the name of her killer is
Hanne Kjřlsen Wćrenskjold
a cruel person without a heart and even the slightest bit of empathy, a person who treats cats instrumentally and has absolutely no respect toward them. We publish this information to warn other breeders, so that they do not make the same mistake and ever give any kitten to this person.
Hanne Wćrenskjold is simply a monster.

Also all the people who helped her and who, just like her, kill their umwanted cats, are monsters!.
There are quite a lot of them, I will be happy to share all the names with those who are interested.

''There is no better measure of our humanity than how we treat our animals.''