Divine Madness*PL
Our Dog

Anivellen U’Bee Opalplast

born: 08.02.2010
--- spayed ---


JCH/CH Opalplast Dust In
The Wind

F: CH Alecto Kool Barracuda at Kilacabar

F: CH Lustyglaze Too Hot To Handle

M: Minford Esmerandisle

Opalplast Satin Jedi

F: Int.Ch Kiladagh Beetlejuice

M: JCh Santana Supernatural Jedi

Legresse Double Trouble

Dazlin Defender

F: CH Kiladagh Nortern Cross At Dazlin

M: Ironjewels Full Moon At Dazlin

Llawenarth Ice Love

F:CH Alecto KoolBarracuda at Kilacabar

M: Gimar Lady Hawk Over Llawenarth

It is your duty as a responsible dog/cat owner to spay/neuter  your pets, both the purebred and non-pedigree.
Castration is the only humane and fully effective method of preventing animal homelessness.  It is also the only 100% effective and safest method of contraception. Every single year, several million homeless animals die in animal shelters. By spaying/neutering your pet, you not only give it a much longer and happier life, but above all you help to reduce overpopulation and the magnitude of homelessness.

In Loving Memory...

01.12.2001 - 20.10.2015
Farewell, our dragon lady.....